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​We offer informative guides, store reviews, and closet reviews to help you learn how to source better inventory and utilize best practices to grow your online reselling business and make more profits.

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2024 Plushie Queen's Plush Guide

Learn how to make profits flipping plush and stuffed animals on eBay, Poshmark, Mercari & other platforms in 2024!

The Plush Guide has over 150 brands, characters, and types of plush. It includes myths, FAQs, BOLOs, bread and butter plush, NOLOs and also comes with a spread sheet that has sell through rates, average sell price and target buy price - color coded by how fast or slow the plush sells!

Plush Guide $24.99


2024 Clothing Guide

Learn which items and brands flip the fastest and for the most profit! Source smarter and faster for better profits!


The Clothing Guide consists 145 + brands and types of items with average sale price, target buy price, and sell through rate (color coded based on speed) on both used AND new items for each one.

Clothing Guide $24.99


2024 Jeans Guide

​Learn how to measure jeans, determine the rise, style, and wash on jeans and much more in our Jeans Guide!


This guide has sell through rates and average sale prices of over 150 brands in a spreadsheet along with a bonus written guide with a ton of tips, helpful information, and the FAQs I most often get on jeans. 


We've also added a Levi's Specific spreadsheet and "Starr's Pricing" guide. 

Jeans Guide: $24.99

Plush & Clothing Guide Bundle: $39.99

Plush & Jeans Guide Bundle: $39.99

Jeans & Clothing Guide Bundle: $39.99

Plush, Jeans & Clothing Guide Bundle: $59.99


Store & Closet Reviews

​Our store and closet reviews will help you understand what you're doing right and what you could improve on to help you increase your sales and overall profits.


Each review is personalized and you are given the opportunity to ask questions specific to you and your unique situation before the review. Each review will be sent in a Word Document chock full of information and tips to help you improve your eBay store or Posh closet and increase your sales.

eBay Store Review $14.99

Posh Closet Review $14.99

Store & Closet Review Bundle $19.99

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